mercredi 4 février 2009

Enpro Norway : Christian Erik Kjell Olfi Dr. Chaalal are all crooks

EnPro AS is a Norwegian environmental technology company, which has proprietary technology to clean CO2 and desalt salt water (producing water suitable for irrigation and industry). The two most important input factors in the EnPro process are CO2 (from exhaust or natural gas) and salt water (sea water, brine water or produced/formation water). Additionally, the EnPro technology produces valuable by-products such as Sodium Carbonate.
EnPro AS is registered on the OTC-stock market list in Norway with the ticker ENPR.

Enpro Process: From a promising technology to endless disputesThere is something wrong with this set up of EnPro and it is a shame because the technology is there, it is proven, and so many industries and countries are interested.I hope that it is not a shell game to make a fast dollar and or to destroy both Goodwin and EnPro because carbon sequestration wants it all.Whatever the reason, it is a mess and a lot of people are going to get hurt.And worst of all, the technology will be set back and with global warming upon us…this is not what is needed. So think hard, ……….What can be done to clean up this mess? Read the full story The story begins in 2004, in Geneva Switzerland at a conference where a patent 6180012 was being discussed before a Saudi delegation. After listening to the presentation, Dr. Omar Chaalal conferred with Per Erik Bjertnaes, Authorized Representative of Goodwin Reserves, and majority owners of EnPro AS, stating that the patent 6180012 was but an idea and needed a lot of work to bring it up to a viable and working process. As it stood patent 6180012 was an idea without science or equations. The patent is a philosophy.. The patent does not work and needs to be restated. Per Erik Bjertnaes offered Dr. Omar Chaalal 400,000 shares and asked him to develop patent 6180012. The offshoot of this was that they worked for almost one months creating the EnPro Process. Per Erik and Dr. Omar Chaalal sent a patent application to Jan Omberg Patent house in Bergen, Norway in October 2005. Dr. Omar Chaalal advised to Per Erik that the patent should be in both their names. However, Per Erik was honest and so he refused advising Dr. Omar Chaalal to patent the now working process with EnPro because at the time he was managing EnPro. Then one night around 2 AM, he was awakened by a phone call by Per Erik. The purpose of the phone call was to introduce Dr. Omar Chaalal to his new was to introduce Dr. Omar Chaalal to one of his business associates, Jostein Eikeland. He claimed that Jostein Eikeland was like his own son, and he trusted him 100%.Dr. Omar Chaalal accepted the deal and was appointed Chief Scientist. Christian Thieste, was appointed as acting CEO and Jostein Eikeland was appointed as Chairman of the board of EnPro. As part of the deal, Christian was supposed to give Dr. Omar Chaalal a work permit in Norway while Jostein promised to give him a work permit and house in Spain. The acting CEO and the Chairman of the board of EnPro reneged on their promises.Dr. Omar Chaalal introduced the "EnPro Process" to several parties in the UAE for potential business partnerships (FERTIL & Al JABER), Contributing his experience, scholastic ability, business contacts allowed EnPro to accept Al Jaber as a potential business partner. When Dr. Chaalal was signed on as chief scientist he was under the impression that he would have direct authority to make decisions that were ethical and that as a consultant he would be viewed as a respected member of EnPro and would be included in all business decisions that were agreed too and this means he "voices" based on his extensive expertise. However, you make business arrangements with me but do not keep them. I am like the crust of breadIt is regrettable, extended business cooperation, compensation, and consent with the founding partners for the above business opportunity has not been worked out yet. As you may know, in today’s competitive environment, such fundamental disagreements with the founding partners not only limit further cooperation and contribution from them but decrease the Company's growth potential and prospects as well. Disadvantages are obvious for all involved. Dr. Omar Chaalal acknowledges that he will not allow his professional and personal integrity in the industry to be corrupted in any way.Next story will be " How Olfi was introduced to EnPro in July 2006 and the contract between Olfi as a person and Enpro will be pubished soon "

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